Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Granny cushion

I've been practicing my crochet of late, a craft which has taken me many years of frustration to 'get' and I still wouldn't say I've managed to master it.  A bit like my knitting, my technique isn't right at all and I'm sure crochet aficionados would frown at how I go about it, but the result works so I'm not too bothered!

Anyway, I made a continuous "Granny" square to 20" and decided to turn it into a cushion cover, so made a back to go with it.  After crocheting a border to join 3 sides, I was waiting for the cushion inner to arrive, which it did this morning.  I've now closed up the final side, and even if I do say so myself, am rather pleased with the result. I'll probably regret closing it in rather than putting a zipper in it as knowing me, I'll probably spill something on it.  However, I'll cross that bridge at a later date.


One side
T'other side
And this, is the next project.  I discovered a blog called Attic24 and I really like how Lucy, the author, puts colours together.  I would never have dreamed of putting some of these next to each other, but they do kind of work.  I'm using the set of "cosy" colours to do a Granny-stripe blanket.  I've done a few more stripes since this photo was taken this morning, but this one's going to take a while!

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  1. Lovely Granny Stripe blanket - I would sew your ends in as you do each stripe - I learned the hard way...


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