Monday, 27 June 2016

Harvest and pillow

The bad back brigade managed to make it down to the allotment tonight, and there was some produce to harvest.  Some plants down there are looking a bit sick though, and I have a strong suspicion my "dear neighbour" has been spraying something on his weeds which has drifted over onto my plot.  I'm not a happy bunny about that.

Anyway, we managed to harvest a beetroot, the first one I've really grown successfully too!

Other things included some pretty good onions that I"d stored in the poly-tunnel last week  to dry, some De Barletta spring onions, broad beans, peas, and a few strawberries.  Although I've got a bowlful in the photo, most of those came from the front garden.  We also had some radish and leaves from the back garden with our lunch today.  I've decided that my attempts to grow radish in the ground just aren't going to work so I sowed a containerful of La Rougette which have done very well, and we've been munching away on them for several days now.

Also from the front garden were a few sweet peas which Small is holding up for Granny to see, as I know the folks read my blog.  There you go mum, just for you!

And lastly, the pillow part.  I"ve been trying to de-stash some of my fabric.  I've sold a few pieces off that I'm never going to use, while some of the scrappy bits have been put to good use in various quilting projects which I've been attempting while I've not been able to move very far.  This one is a new pillowcase for my back pillow that I have on the sofa.

I"m really pleased with the way this has turned out.  The front is fully pieced together, batted, backed and quilted, while the back of the pillowcase is a lovely Cadbury purple.  I love the cupcake at the bottom!  I'm sure mum will recognise a few of the pieces in this pillowcase which came from some fabrics she gave to me.

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