Thursday, 9 June 2016

Edibles at last

I've been out of action for a while again as the blasted back is playing up again which has put paid to any gardening as I can't bend down to do anything - or if I manage to get down, I can't get up again!

We had our first real 'meal' from the garden last night, in the shape of some new potatoes (Duke of York 1st earlies) and a cabbage (Wheeler's Imperial).  There wasn't much of either the spuds or the cabbage, but boy did they taste good!  They were served up with a piece of pie from the farm shop and some beef and mushroom casserole that I couldn't squeeze in the freezer.

Not very big!
There's nothing much been done on the allotment since my last post, apart from watering as despite several promised thunder storms, they've passed us by.  Small boy did find a ripe strawberry though, which was our first of the year and absolutely delicious.

I'll leave you with some pics from our visit to Lottie tonight.

Broad beans, not quite ready yet. No idea what variety

Peas nicely in flower, various varieties

Courgette, var All Green, I think!

The first pea pods are setting

Golden Acre Cabbage

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