Monday, 2 May 2016

The sun has come out

After several days of the most dismal, grey and unpredictable weather, it was dry and relatively warm this morning.  Laundry pegged out, wellies and gardening gloves on, time to do a bit of potting on.  Some of the tomato plants that have been languishing on the living room windowsill have been transferred into larger pots and put into one of the grow houses, next to the courgette plants (Green bush) which are looking reasonably healthy and some De Cayenne chillies which are going to stay on housemate's bedroom windowsill were also potted on into larger pots.
No sooner had I finished potting on the tomatoes to come in for a cuppa, and the heavens opened with another of those absolutely torrential downpours.  A mad dash to grab the almost dry washing and quick trip to Aldi followed, as while I like gardening, I'm not such an enthusiast that I like doing it in the rain!

By the time we got back the sun was out again, so another load of laundry quickly pegged out and down to the allotment to drop off some bits.  Most of what's been planted seems to be doing OK but it looks like the Maris Piper main crop spuds have been frost damaged.  They were only just starting to poke their leaves through, so hopefully they'll recover.  While there's always a risk of more frosts in early May, hopefully the new month will bring some more stable and warmer weather so we can all get growing full steam ahead!

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