Sunday, 22 May 2016

Pretty poly

It's up!  How long it will stay up is an entirely different matter as I have the distinct impression that despite my best efforts to anchor it to a frame it'll blow away in the first puff of wind.  There's a bit more work to do burying the sides of the cover, but hopefully I can make some headway now getting the inside part sorted out and move the tomato and aubergine plants down to the allotment.

Base before the frame was screwed to it

You can't see them in the photo, probably because they're green, but the tunnel is also attached to the ground with guy ropes.  Whoever the idiot was who thought GREEN guy ropes and green ground pegs on a green poly-tunnel, in a green environment was a good idea, I don't know.  As soon as possible these will be changed for bright orange or shocking pink.  Anything that we can actually see!!

Looking back through plot neighbour's fence
The allotment now has a nice muddy path going down it as mid-way through putting the thing up yesterday, the heavens decided to open and pretty much stayed that way until I'd finished.  This morning the sun is out and shining brightly so will try and get some more done so it's ready to go!

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  1. Looking good. Know what you mean about blowing away. Fingers crossed. BTW Ed is on his way here. xxxx


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