Thursday, 12 May 2016

Led into temptation

Some of the pak choi made it down onto the allotment today, with a few more plants put in one of the beds at home.  It seems I may have left it a little late as a couple of them look like they're trying to bolt.  I did a spot of weeding and trimming around some of the beds where the lawn mower doesn't quite reach, but it was rather warm so I retreated until later in the day.  Unlike my plot neighbour-but-one, who had his sun lounger out to soak up the rays!

The Maris Pipers have, all bar one, got their heads up, so they were earthed up a little more.  The onions and broad beans are looking well, and to be honest there's not a whole lot of difference between the beans I planted in the autumn and those planted in February.  They're all in flower, so hopefully beans will soon follow.

I've sown some more sweetcorn, as it doesn't look like any of the Earligold or Mirai sown previously are going to do anything.  The other eight Earligold seeds have gone into a propagator, along with 32 Mirai so hopefully some of them will come up!  After the delights of home grown sweetcorn last year I'd be mightily miffed if we didn't have any this year.

I was naughty today.  An email from T&M offering 10 packs of seeds for a fiver was too good not to at least click through on, just to see what was on offer you understand!  Well, out of 180 or so varieties of veg seeds that were part of the deal, I chose 20.  So hopefully soon winging my way will be:

Broad Bean, "Stereo"
Sweetcorn, "Butterscotch" F1
Squash, winter, "Autumn Crown"
Shallot, "Zebrune"
Onion, "Rosanna"
Pea, "Balmoral"
Pea, "Alexandra"
Melon, "Galia" F1
Radish, "Rougette"
Carrot, "White Satin" F1
Turnip, "Salad Delight"
Lemon Balm, Duchy Originals Organic
Leek, "King Richard"
Cabbage, "Wheelers Imperial"
Cabbage, "Jersey Wakefield"
Swede, "Helenor", Duchy Originals Organic
Dwarf Bean, "Borlotto"
Parsnip, "Pinnacle" F1
Tomato, "Vilma"
Pak Choi, "White" F1

Another quick visit to Lottie this evening, with some "Ambassador" peas that were in a length of guttering that had survived the slugs put in.  A few bits of wood moved revealed some nice fat slugs, so my plot neighbour's hens got a nice protein treat.

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  1. I think seed buying is one of my main vices!


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