Monday, 9 May 2016


It's hard to believe, after the thermometer said 27C today, that only a week or so back we had snow, hail and really heavy frosts!  A glorious day to be out in the garden/down at the allotment, and after a few days away down in Wales with the folks there was certainly plenty to catch up on.

Thankfully my very kind neighbour had watered all the plants in the back yard growhouses while I was gone, and apart from some celery which I'd forgotten to move from the front to the back, everything looks remarkably well.  I rescued the celery last night and stuck it in a tray of water and left it outside overnight, and by this morning it had perked up again so all is well.

After a load of potting on, sowing and transplanting up at the house, I finally got down to the allotment about 5pm and found the grass desperately needed cutting.  Everything else is looking good and enjoying the sunshine.  All three of the apple trees are in blossom, along with the cherry tree, and the fruit bushes are all about to burst into blossom as well.

The Maris Pipers which had suffered a bit in the frosts at the end of April have all pushed up some new growth, so they got earthed up and the bed weeded.  There's a lot more to do though, so hopefully it won't be too hot tomorrow and I can get on with more weeding.

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