Saturday, 14 May 2016

Enable your label

I've tried all sorts of things for labels.  Wooden sticks were a complete failure as no matter what I wrote on them with, the words eventually either wore off or went mouldy and became illegible, so I gave up on them.

Next up was the plastic ones, written on in indelible ink.  The only trouble with that option is indelible does what it says on the tin.  Yes, I know there are various methods out there to remove the ink, but to be honest that's too much faff!

The best solution I've found to plant labelling is to use the plastic ones and write in pencil - I like the 4" ones from B&M which come in packs of 50 and have a neat little pencil in the packet.  It's a fairly soft pencil, probably a 2B or something like that, and I now write all my labels in pencil.  It doesn't wash off, no matter how muddy and mucky the labels get, so I always know what I've planted.

Once the label is surplus to requirements, I simply give it a wash and dry it on a micro-fiber cloth, then rub off the writing.  The trick to not making a smudgy mess is to make sure it's a plastic eraser, something like a Staedtler one - of which we have several thanks to homeschooling and they come up as good as new.

Et voila! Permanently reusable labels ready for next time.

Another tip I read recently was to make your own plant labels by cutting up those plastic cartons that milk comes in, and cutting the pieces into label-sized strips.  Might try that one if I ever run out.

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  1. I've just switched to plastic labels and pencil too, after trying everything else. It works a treat and actually stays legible through all the Welsh weather we get.

    Now I just have to teach the dogs to leave the bloody things where I put them and I'll know what's growing where!!


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