Thursday, 12 May 2016


On our recent trip to visit the folks, my mum gave me a couple of rose arches that had been kicking around in her shed for several years.  I got the distinct impression she'd got fed up with waiting for my dad to put the things together, and they'd been gathering dust ever since.

One of them has now been assembled and much to my delight, is exactly the width of the gate from the first section of the allotment into the 'orchard' area.  I'm planning to tie some canes to the frame and use it for growing the runner beans up.  Small was happy to pose for a photo!

The second one can gather some dust in my shed until such time as the next section of fence is completed, and the next gate - which matches the one next to Small - is put in.  The arches should look quite nice with beans growing up them.

While I was down at the lottie, one of the fruit beds got weeded, and there's room for a couple of cabbage plants to go in there.  I seem to have quite a few of them!  Back up at the house I sowed some more pumpkin seeds as the ones I got free with a gardening magazine have had a spectacular 100% failure rate, as have the patty squashes that came with the same magazine.  I also sowed some butternut squash seeds as those sown previously have also failed to germinate, as have almost all the sweetcorn.  Out of eight seeds each of Earligold, Mirai, Sparrow and Incredible, only 6 of the Sparrow have germinated, rather a disappointment as we love the taste of freshly picked sweetcorn.  I'll have to try again.

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  1. Glad you have made use of Archy and for the link to the BLOG. We had the distinct impression that you had given up posting so haven't looked for ages - YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID !! The Folks.


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