Monday, 16 May 2016


Housemate and I took the kids to Woolsthorpe Manor yesterday.  I've been threatening/promising a return trip so HMS could see the place too, and I think they both enjoyed themselves.  Being that little bit older, Small appreciated the interactive science parts more than last time we went and he had great fun doing the "mouse hunt" around the house again, this time with HMS in tow.  The latter had fun doing the human sundial and also enjoyed the interactive discovery centre as he's covering some of the topics at school.

Small photographed photographing me!
The pollen count seems to be dreadfully high this year, with half the neighbourhood wandering around with puffy eyes, runny noses and gravelly throats.  Small has succumbed too and is feeling decidedly sorry for himself, not helped by the fact that he hates the noise of nose blowing.  As both hands are firmly clamped over his ears for that particular activity he can't hold the tissue, so guess who gets that job :-(   As we're surrounded by fields of flowering oil-seed rape, I guess it won't be getting better any time soon.

I spotted my first cabbage whites of the year today, so the Wheeler's Imperial cabbages were hastily covered with some enviromesh which will hopefully keep the damned things at bay as they're just starting to heart up nicely.  I was a little late getting them into the ground, so they won't be ready for a few more weeks.

I sowed some Tagates, Calendula and Echinacea in pots and tonight's trip to the allotment saw some more cabbage (Golden Acre), sprouts (Nelson) and calabrese (Beaumont) planted out under bottle cloches.  I also got in some sweetcorn plants I picked up at the garden centre the other day.  Variety unknown, the label just says "sweetcorn", but enough for 3/4 of a bed full that have gone at the end of the raspberry bed.

Sod's law, most of the "Incredible" sweetcorn that are in a propagator in one of the growhouses have decided to come up, but as they're a 'super-sweet' variety which apparently are a case of  'never the twain shall meet' when it comes to non super-sweet varieties, can stay up at the house in a bed that I have spare.  I'll have to find a spare patch down at Lottie for the "Sparrow" corn that have germinated, and heaven help me now if the Mirai I sowed the other day do germinate.  I'll have to dig out another bed for them!  Still, with a bit of luck we'll get some degree of succession with the sweetcorn which will suit me just fine.


  1. It seems so peaceful place.

  2. I've been really enjoying a look round your blog so thought Id say so. Nice to accidentally come across another home educator too! I still write about it over on mine although it seems ages ago now. But we took ours to Woolsthorpe too - great museum I thought. Enjoy yourselves.

  3. It reminds me of my childhood's house!


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