Thursday, 21 April 2016

Peas in

Another lovely sunny day here so time to get something done on the allotment, despite having very little in the way of energy thanks to a ghastly head cold.

A load of stuff, including some bark chips, reels of hose so we don't have to trek back and forth with watering cans, and other bits & bobs were taken down.  The grass got its second cut and is beginning to look half decent again.  Another trugful of broken glass was picked up, but as it's bin night this has been distributed throughout the street's bins ;-) to save another trip to the tip.

Some petit-pois peas and beetroot have been transplanted into one of the beds as I'm fast running out of space in the grow houses at home, and the dalek I won on eBay has been deposited on the lottie.  It's yet to find its permanent place, but for now it's been dumped with the other compost bins.

Where the weedy bit in the distance starts is where I found the raspberry canes.  There are actually quite a few of them, and the ones near the compost bins seem to be appearing at a rate of knots.  I always knew raspberries were prone to "wandering", but these seem to have made it an art form.  My plot neighbour has also gained a few canes!

Back at home, I noticed one of the gutter lettuces has disappeared, and a tell-tale slime trail where the plantlet had been. I'd forgotten to put any slug pellets in the guttering, so I guess it stands to reason that the slimy blighters would be after succulent lettuce transplants.

A nice picking of PSB for tea tonight.  The plant that gave up the very small portion a week or two back had made lots of side shoots, so those were enjoyed this evening.  Even Small didn't complain, which he usually does whenever any sort of broccoli is put in front of him.  Something to be said for home grown :-)

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