Thursday, 28 April 2016

Mother Nature is poorly

I know they say "April showers bring May flowers," but poor old Mother Nature seems decidedly poorly at the moment.  After a few gloriously warm days earlier in the month when the plants perked up, put on growth and flower buds started opening, the weather has turned its back on gardeners for the moment.

The last few days have seen multiple hail and snow showers, and while none has stayed around for long it's decidedly COLD.  In fact last night saw one of the hardest frosts/freezes we've seen in almost the whole winter, never mind a month into spring.

My poor plants don't know if they're coming or going.  All the potatoes have their blankies on, the peas have gone on strike, the lettuces are having a hissy fit and the carrots seem to think that doing anything more than popping their first leaves up is far too much like hard work.  The birds are also struggling, and feeding like mad.  I feel sorry for the swallows who've thus far made it to the UK, as normally at this time they're happily flying around catching insects, but even they seem to have disappeared again - both the swallows and the insects!

Any seeds which I had planned on sowing have been put on hold for now, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that once we're in May, things might just improve.  We're three days off, for heaven's sake, and I'm sure we're not supposed to have snow at the end of April :-(

As the outdoor efforts are temporarily on hold and as housemate had an appointment in town, we called in at the central library.  After checking our library cards were still valid as we haven't been for a while (they were), I was informed I had a fine owing from 2014 for a book that was apparently returned late!  It's also for a book I don't even remember taking out - something about the back-roads of France, which is definitely not my thing, but I wasn't going to argue about a couple of quid.

I got a copy of "The Polytunnel Book" by Joyce Russell which I'd been contemplating buying but can now peruse first, "The Kitchen Herb Garden" by Maureen Little, "Glorious Glut" by Jackie Sherman - here's hoping I get crops at all!  A glut would be lovely!!  I also got a copy of "The Hairy Bikers' Meat Feasts" as I'm always on the lookout for new ideas.  I'm now curled up in front of the wood-burner, with books and a cuppa.  Sod the weather.

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