Monday, 4 April 2016

Mad woman v molluscs

A brief visit to the allotment this morning, ostensibly to check on the newly transplanted broad beans, inevitably led to spotting a couple of things that needed doing, and a bit of digging.  Thankfully the horrid slug pellets had done their thing and several deceased slimeballs lay around the bottle cloches, with all the bean plants currently intact.

After a bit of trimming around some of the beds, I picked up the fork and did a bit more digging into the area where the new poly-tunnel thingy will sit.  It's slow going, due to all the couch grass and nettle roots that need pulling out, a seemingly endless supply of stones, and copious amounts of broken glass to be painstakingly picked out and slung into a bucket kept especially for bits of glass.

Later in the day we took a trip to Lidl, with a bribe of a donut for Small, for another bag of bark bits and some of their seed compost which seems to be a nice consistency and pretty cheap at £1.49 for 20L.  Just as we were about to exit the store, the heavens opened with the most torrential hail storm, accompanied by loud claps of thunder and brilliant flashes of lightning.  Although the storm only lasted a few minutes and we were able to get into the car relatively dry and unscathed, it did follow us all the way home which meant a brief sit in the car once we'd pulled up to wait for it to stop.

With so much rain this afternoon, it was inevitable that the dastardly snails and slugs are out in force tonight, which led to a woman on a mission with a flashlight.  I've no doubt my neighbours are now used to the sight of this crazy pyjama and wellie-boot clad loon poking around the garden in the dark with a torch and a pair of tongs, but I'm ever vigilant to the fact that the men in white coats may well be on their way to get me any time now!

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