Tuesday, 19 April 2016


With beautiful clear skies and plenty of sunshine, it was just too nice and warm not to do any gardening today.

The two stray Wilja 2nd early potatoes have finally been planted in a pot.  In the cabbage bed some radish seeds were sown to hopefully get a quick crop before the cabbages grow too big, and I've also sown a few Calendula seeds as I seem to remember reading somewhere that marigolds go well with brassicas.  I also now have some lettuces pricked out and transplanted into lengths of old guttering, which have been put (temporarily) in a shady spot along the front fence.

I didn't get much done yesterday as it was just too darned cold - a complete contrast to the beautiful weather both today, and on Sunday.  I did however manage to get a pile of stuff into housemate's car, including the trug full of broken glass, which was taken to the tip and disposed of.  The rubbish, that is, not the trug, although it nearly fell down into the huge skip as I emptied the glass and other crap out of it!  It almost made me cry to see the pile of huge planters, perfectly good planters I might add, which someone had chucked into the plastics bin. They'd have been wonderful down on the lottie. Sigh.

I did win a 330L "Dalek" compost thingy on eBay for a fiver, so will go and collect that tomorrow.  Apparently it comes with a bit of "free dirt and possibly a couple of worms". :-)

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