Sunday, 3 April 2016

First edibles of the year

My first edibles were harvested from the garden today.  OK, so it was nothing spectacular, some salad leaves for my lunchtime sandwich and some a pathetically small amount of PSB to have with my tea, but at least it's home grown!

It's been far too wet the last couple of days to get anything done on the allotment, so the digging of the ground where the new polytunnel/growhouse is going will have to wait a bit longer as it's just too claggy to dig today.

To keep up my gardening spirits, I potted on a load of Golden Acre cabbage plantlets into bigger pots in the hope they develop a nice strong rootball and a bit more growth before they have to brave the wood pigeons and slugs down at the allotment.  For the time being, they can stay in the little growhouse in the back yard where they're safer, if not totally safe, from the marauding molluscs.

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