Friday, 15 April 2016

First cut

The grass at the allotment has finally had its first cut of the year, and I've managed to get a bit further down than last year.  The photo below shows the big difference between the nice green area that was regularly cut over the last couple of years, and the yellowed area that's not been cut since who knows when.  This is about three quarters of the way down the plot, and the shed can just be seen in the distance.

The grass cutting came to an abrupt halt when I reached a big pile of broken glass, tin cans and various other detritus that looks like the majority of it came from someone's old greenhouse and has just been dumped on my plot.  I managed to fill a trug full, which now needs to be taken to the local tip.  I say 'local' somewhat grudgingly as there was, until recently, a tip just the other end of the village.  Now it's a good drive to the council's new facility.

On the plus side, I did discover some raspberry canes growing in amongst the weedy grass, so another day these will be rescued and put further up the plot with the rest of the fruit. I'd also dug up and replanted some escapees from the existing raspberry bed and put them along the fence line.  Hopefully they'll take.

The broad beans I planted had really put on a growth spurt and had outgrown their bottle cloches, so these were removed and a net cloche put over them in the hope that the dastardly wood pigeons won't get at them until they've grown a bit more.

Back at home three sections of guttering have been planted up with peas, Alderman, Progress and some more Kelvedon Wonder.  I've tried several several lots of KW, none of which have germinated this year although they've always done really well in the past.  If this lot don't do anything, I'll conclude the seed has had it and get some new.  I've also dug over the 1m square bed that had had cabbage in it, ready for something else to go in later on.

The container potatoes have been earthed up, and another very large container has been planted up with some "Orla".  These had deliberately been left aside as I don't want all the potatoes being ready at the same time!  There are some more to go in over the next few weeks, along with a couple of stray Wilja, so with a bit of luck we'll get a successional crop.

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