Saturday, 23 April 2016


With the weather forecast promising frost last night, the potatoes in the front garden got their blankie put on, and were covered up with fleece.  Just as well I did really, as by 11pm there was a definite twinkle of frost on the shed roof.  Instead of the promised rain though, it was bright and sunny this morning, although rather cold out of the sun and the spuds were kicked out of bed, and everything opened up.  It's amazing how quickly the little grow-houses get too hot at this time of year if they're not unzipped.

I spent part of the morning potting up more veg seedlings and sowing some sweetcorn and squash seeds, then noticed that six of the Golden Acre cabbage plants I'd potted up a few weeks ago had grown on particularly well so took them down to the allotment.  I do the 'square foot' gardening method, even on the allotment, so found some gaps where over-wintered broad bean plants had not gone the distance and stuck the cabbages in there instead.  The guideline for cabbage is 1 per square foot and they got bottle cloches plonked over them so they should do ok and hopefully the pigeons will stay off.

This afternoon we took another visit to the Thorncliffe Farm Shop at Emley, and on to the ice cream shop just up the road.  At the ice cream place, which is also a dairy that sells its milk direct, I enquired whether they sold raw milk. They don't.  But they told me another dairy not too far away does, via a vending machine.

A slow google later - surprisingly the signal was crap, despite being in a direct line from the largest thing to have the phone thingys on in the shape of Emley Mast half a mile away - revealed the other dairy was only four miles distant, so we went and got a carton.  I must confess I've never, to my knowledge, tried raw milk although I remember my Mum talking about being sent off, as a small child, to the farm with the little container to get milk for her mother which I guess would have been raw back in the day.

It'll be interesting to see whether it tastes very different to the pasteurised stuff.  I like unhomogenised milk, which I grew up with, but even that's hard to find these days and Morrisons seems to be the only supermarket round here to sell it.  I gave some to Small, but he hated it as it had 'bits' in it (the cream!).

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  1. Oh Hello! thank you for commenting on my blog, you had fallen off my reading list so I'm late discovering you are back. Good to see your allotment.


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