Thursday, 14 April 2016

A few days makes a difference

What a difference a few days makes!  Having been away for a short visit to the parents, the allotment hadn't been visited for a few days.  With all the rain, and slightly warmer weather, the grass has gone mad and is sorely in need of a haircut.  The broad beans left under their pop bottle cloches all seem to have survived any attempts by the slugs to get at them, and the over-wintered broad beans are nicely in flower.  Of the potatoes planted in the (now) lime-green bed there are still no sign yet, but hopefully they'll poke their heads up soon.

The trees are coming into bud/flower nicely and the plum tree, or at least I think it's the plum tree as it's lost its label and I can't remember which order I planted the trees in, looks lovely with all its flowers.

There were plenty of seedlings in the back yard grow houses that needed potting on, so a happy hour or so was spent with hands in the dirt potting on cabbage seedlings.  Some summer squash seeds were sown, along with another tub of carrot seeds and some kaleidoscope beetroot seeds that I picked up while visiting the folks, and some more pea seeds were put in soak.  I've never really been sure of whether I liked beetroot or not, but having tried some that was served up with Small's lunch the other day, which was delicious, I decided they're not bad after all so am encouraged to try growing some!

I was pleased to see that some of the carrot seeds sown a few weeks back have started to germinate, so I'm hoping we might actually get some carrots of various hues this year.  This is one veg that seriously doesn't like our soil here in Yorkshire and needs to be grown in containers.  So far, we've sown some Purple Haze, Chantenay, Nantes 5 and Parisienne.

There's also a tray of Pak Choi which needs pricking out.  Another veg I've absolutely no idea what to do with, but the seeds were free with something or other so I'll try anything once. A job for another day.

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