Thursday, 31 March 2016

Beans and Beryl

It's been a while since I posted anything, as quite frankly there's been nothing worth saying - so I haven't!  Things have been going on in the background though and there have been plenty of seeds sown this year for growing on in the little growhouses at home waiting to be moved down to the allotment.

This morning it was the turn of some replacement broad bean plants as some of the ones I put in over winter have either got damaged or given up.  I've put them in under some pop-bottle cloches to try and keep off the dastardly wood pigeons who live on the allotment site.  A sprinkling of slug pellets has also been scattered around, as much as I hate the things, I can't win the war against the slugs without them.  Hopefully the beans will do ok and I'll get a reasonable crop.

I've also been busy reading a couple of blogs by fellow allotmenters, both of whom have made far better progress in a much shorter time than me!  It's been fun following their efforts from weedy, overgrown plots to a bountiful harvest of wonderful crops.  One of the bloggers is Beryl ( who I found through a mention in one of my gardening magazines.  I totally blame her for the fact that one of my beds is now a nice shade of Lime Zest - although it looks yellow in the photo.  All her beds are nice bright colours and as I had a voucher given to me at Christmas which could be spent at B&Q, I splurged on a couple of (much reduced) tins of garden paint.  At some future point, some of the others will be painted Purple Berry.

The lime green bed has been planted with Maris Piper main crop spuds which will hopefully poke their heads up in the not too distant.

This afternoon was spent enjoying the glorious sunshine and sowing various seeds, so I now have some sunflowers, early sweetcorn, Swiss chard, cauliflower and different varieties of lettuce which I hope will do their thing and germinate.