Monday, 16 February 2015

Not your everyday sight

To quote a cousin's favourite phrase, we've been "keeping on keeping on" here, with homeschool, chores and the odd bit of geocaching thrown in for good measure.  This morning we accompanied Housemate to a hospital appointment, then as I had some groceries I needed, we decided to go to the Aldi that's near a local country park that we haven't been to before.

If you've seen my last post about Sandal Castle, you can see the country park "Pugney's" in the distance on one of the photos.  The weather wasn't anywhere near as nice today, but at least it had stopped raining and after a reviving cuppa in the cafe, we booked out one of the mobility scooters for Housemate, and set of around the lake.

I'd actually forgotten it was half-term and there were quite a lot of people and children enjoying the park.  We had a good walk around the lake and there were views of the castle from a different perspective.
Sandal Castle viewed from Pugney's country park
 A little further on, we took a path thinking there was a geocache nearby.  There was, but not one we could get to as we were on the wrong side of the beck.  What we did see was something that one certainly doesn't see every day, or at least not in the wild in the UK anyway!

A parrot, green, black head with yellow stripe
I think the poor thing must either have escaped or been abandoned, but from reading the logs of other geocachers it seems to have been around this particular spot for a while as it's quite often seen here.
It's quite a pleasant park, although probably nicer when the weather's better and it's not quite so wet underfoot.  They do activities like sailing, kayaking and various RYA courses here too.  There's also a little train, not running today, that potters its way down one side of the lake on summer weekends.  The track is tiny, only about 8" wide, but the little railway has its own little turntable.  We shall have to come back again in the summer.

Until next time. x

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