Saturday, 17 January 2015

Swimming in the snow

It's been jolly cold here today, and the forecast is set for more cold and negative temperatures next week.  I'm not sure the newspapers have got it right this time or not - they're forecasting blizzards again for next week, but as they did that before Christmas and nothing happened, I shan't hold my breath.

Today was swimming day.  Not a lesson, just our usual once a week collective paddle.  It was quite ethereal today being in the warmth of the swimming pool while the snow was gently falling outside.  Thankfully it wasn't really settling, but it was kind of magical and mesmerising at the same time watching it silently falling as we splashed about.

After yesterday's catch up with the housework which has been somewhat neglected recently, today it was the turn of shopping.  Food shopping that is, not anything frivolous.

I don't particularly like shopping at the best of times, but a Saturday afternoon is most definitely NOT the time to do it.  We ended up at the Aldi in Wakefield as it's the nearest one to where we go swimming, but as has often been the case since just before Christmas, the shop looked like it had been burgled and I wasn't able to get quite a few of the things I needed.

I've also noticed that Aldi has been making changes to its products of late, and not necessarily changes for the better.  They seem to have abandoned their every-day essentials porridge oats, which is a pity as Housemate uses them in his homemade breakfast mix.

Worse, they've also changed their cat litter, much to my annoyance.  It used to be of the clumping variety which is extremely economical as you just remove what you need to remove.  It wasn't exactly expensive at £1.79 a bag, and it lasted a good couple of weeks.  Lately though, Aldi in its infinite wisdom, has changed to a £1.39 bag of 'everyday essentials' cat litter that doesn't clump.   It's therefore extremely difficult to remove just what's been used, and one ends up throwing away the entire contents of the litter tray.  Hardly economical when instead of one bag per fortnight, you end up having to buy three bags a week.  Not that I do, I hasten to add.  I simply go to Lidl and get theirs instead, but that's not the point!  I'm annoyed at Aldi for making changes where, in my opinion at least, none were needed.  :(

Still, I can't grumble overall.  I've saved heaps since I started shopping there, and even with the price cuts at other super markets, I can't see myself going back to shop at any of them in the near future unless Aldi really cocks it up.

Hoping you're all warm and well.

Until next time. x

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