Thursday, 1 January 2015

Out with the old and in with the new

The last day of 2014 saw Small and I head off for a day of drive-by geocaching that housemate could do to, and we went off on a linear route that took us along some quiet roads near Selby.  Between us, we managed to find eight of the nine we had chosen to look for and the one we missed seems to have been down to our own ineptitude as I saw on the logs that someone else had managed to find it.

Our travels passed waymarks to the Trans-Pennine Trail a few times, including this signpost which had Drax power station in the background.

Drax power station

The first day of the new year has been extremely mild, and while it started off calmly enough, it started to rain intermittently just after 3 o'clock and the wind has got up to blowing a hoolie.  We haven't got up to anything particularly exciting, and haven't been anywhere except a quick trip to Angler's Country Park so Small could play in the playground.

While the playground itself was all but empty, I've never seen the park so busy with what seemed like everyone and their uncle out walking dogs, pushing pushchairs and generally working off the Christmas excesses.

The hundreds of Canada geese which over winter here weren't too chuffed with all the activity as they kept taking off and circling round honking like mad, before settling on the lake again until something else spooked them and they'd do it again.  Luckily we managed not to get hit by any 'missiles' they may have dropped as they flew overhead.

Until next time. x


  1. Happy New Year to you and small. Twiglet and I are going to go for a stroll later today, it is incredibly windy up here at the moment.

  2. Ive often wondered about geocaching. I am a bit clueless sometimes. so probably wouldnt find any


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