Sunday, 11 January 2015

More birdies at Clayton

Although grey clouds were looming all around it wasn't raining this morning, contrary to what the forecast had suggested.  As we'd enjoyed ourselves last weekend geocaching over at Clayton, we headed back there to pick up some others that we hadn't got to and to have another very muddy walk.

We found our targets, but as silly me had forgotten to charge up the phone we use for navigation, our last for the day was at All Saint's Church, in the combined parish of Frickley and Clayton.  Caches don't tend to be within immediate church boundaries, but they can be placed nearby.  We quickly found what we were looking for, so we set off to take a look at the church.

The track up to the church
Small and HMS at the gate

I do hate getting the 'photographer's shadow'  in pictures, but there was no other way of getting this shot short of kneeling down, which I didn't fancy as it was rather muddy.

Lots of lovely little snowdrops peeking through

Click to enlarge
In the graveyard we 'found' this headstone, in memory of 'Thomas Depledge, aged 21 years who was cruelly murdered on the highway near Darfield, October 10th 1841.'   I say 'found' as I'd seen a photo on the geocaching website so knew it was there and we went to look for it.  This led to a discussion about highwaymen, the origins of the phrase 'highway robbery', and the fact that roads in those days weren't the paved variety we're used to these days.

As an aside, if the respective councils of Barnsley, Wakefield and Doncaster don't to something about the state of their roads soon, we're going to end up in one big pothole!

From what I've been able to find out, Thomas was a farm labourer who was set upon by ruffians on his way back from Barnsley, and they robbed and killed the poor chap.  Sarah, from what I can glean, was Thomas's mother, who lived to a ripe old age.

Crocus just starting to peek through
All Saints Church, Frickley and Clayton
A good walk and a lovely visit to the church.  It wasn't open, and doesn't appear to have held a service since Christmas as when I looked through the window, I could see the decorated tree still standing in a corner of the building.

Until next time. x


  1. Lovely photos, gorgeous church. I haven't had a walk around Frickley Park for years, must take Twiglet I don't think he's ever been

  2. Sounds like a good hobby to get out and about with.


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