Thursday, 22 January 2015

In the dark

I've had a fun day, not!   This morning after Small had completed his work, it was a mad dash out to get some milk before the  delivery man came with a load of logs.  Typically, he'd said he was delivering on Thursday, but didn't provide a time.  He turned up around 3pm and managed to back the truck down the ginnel to deposit the load at the back gate, which was just as well as my wheelbarrow has a flat tyre and the compressor I use to pump up things like that has decided to pack up.

It was much less effort to barrow it 10 feet to the wood store than all the way around the house from the front, and luckily a friend gave me a hand while her son came in and played with Small.  The back yard now looks like a mudbath mixed with all the slushy snow that's left over from yesterday's snowfall, but at least the supply of logs has been replenished so we should be warm for the rest of the winter.

After we'd finished barrowing and stacking we came in for a well deserved cuppa.  We'd only been in a few minutes when the power went off, much to my annoyance as I'd not long put the breadmaker on so of course that went off too.

It turned out some twit had cut through the newly laid electricity cables over on a nearby building site, so the whole village was off for a while.  The power finally came back on at 8.30 pm, but at least during the dark time we were among the lucky ones who had a good stock of candles, a camping lantern, heat from the wood burner and plenty of hot water boiled on the wood burner for cups of tea.

It's been quite a while since I've experienced a power cut that lasted more than half an hour or so, and we amused ourselves playing eye-spy by candle light.  Small's getting better at the game, but we still get instances where he'll say "L" for something that begins with "F" or similar.

Hope you've had a good day.

Until next time. x

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