Sunday, 4 January 2015

Clayton birdies

I'm sure you're all fed up by now of hearing about geocaching.  So I won't tell you we went out hunting today.  Instead, I'll write about the lovely walk we had today over near a little hamlet called Clayton.  I think I may have driven through the village once in the past, but I certainly don't remember it and it was good to get out on a wonderfully sunny-if-cold morning to get some fresh air and exercise.

Once again, we've ended up exploring somewhere we wouldn't otherwise have gone, and as the crow flies at least, we were only a few miles from home.

Beautiful blue skies on a frosty morning
Clayton and Frickley club
Bridge over the York-Sheffield railway line
Lovely open spaces
HMS and Small
A lone pine
More open fields
One of the few houses

Of course the kids loved this quagmire
Clayton and Frickley church in the distance
How Small finished the walk
And HMS wasn't much better
And just because I can't resist, we found all eight of the ones we set out to find today.  HMS also bagged his very first solo find, by which I mean he wasn't given any clues, hints or tips on where it might be.  He was made up!  The slightly sulky face changed in an instant and he wanted to go look for more.  He also didn't seem to mind that he was getting mucky - a huge change for a child who normally has a hissy fit if he gets the slightest bit of dirt on himself.  Success!

We also learned a bit about the various species of bird for whom the various caches we found today were named.  We didn't see any of those species, but did see some chaffinches, blackbirds and robins.

After lunch, it was off to "Toys Arrows" as Small calls that well known toy store.  Unfortunately he blotted his copybook big style by spitting at HMS just before we left so as a consequence of his actions, he wasn't allowed to buy anything today with his Christmas money.  After the initial humungous paddy as we were getting in the car, by the time we got to the store he seemed to have accepted what he'd been told and he didn't kick up a fuss when HMS got himself some Lego, so I hope a valuable lesson has been learned.

The moon was just rising as we were coming home.  It looked extremely beautiful and I tried to take some photos of it, but I just couldn't get it right and they looked awful.

All in all a very good day albeit with a hiccup, but I think both the boys enjoyed themselves and I'm pleased that HMS has joined in with the geocaching idea with enthusiasm.

Until next time. x

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  1. From Now on that shop will always be Toys arrows!
    Our lot were almost past it by the time one arrived in Suffolk - Thankfully!


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