Thursday, 15 January 2015

Catch up

I'm not too sure where the days have gone this week as I've suddenly realised it's Thursday and I haven't posted anything since Sunday.   We haven't done anything particularly exciting this week, and as life generally follows a similar routine from one week to the next, I can't help thinking nobody will want to read about my boring, repetitive life and so I don't post anything.

Small has got on well with his work, and his writing is just about back to where it should be following the holiday season lapse.  He also did very well at his swimming lesson this week, having not been since the week before Christmas as the tutor was away.  She was quite impressed at his progress and I explained that he's been practicing when I go.  I've found the best way to motivate him is to do short, repetitive races, having pointed out to him that he goes much faster when he a) closes his mouth, b) keeps his chin down, and c) uses arms and legs for propulsion.  It seems to work, although he gets tired and hurty very quickly due to the stiffness and tension in his legs caused by tippy-toe walking.

He was especially good yesterday, as he'd made a deal that would allow him to go to "Toys Arrows" to spend his Christmas money, a privilege he lost due to an incident with HMS.  He met his self-imposed conditions without complaint, so after we'd been for our walkabout, we went to the aforementioned store.  He was chuffed to little buttercups to get a Lego set he'd had his eye on, but as it was rather complicated, he needed some help putting it together.

Despite the onslaught of yet more gales today, it was fine enough for us to look for a couple of geocaches and then on to the semi-regular weekly home-ed meet up at Angler's Country Park.  Only a few of his friends were there today, so we all stayed indoors rather than the playground which felt like it was sub-zero with the wind chill.  There's actually a nice little area for kids, with crafting stuff, wildlife magazines and a big pair of binoculars that is powerful enough to see the other side of the lake quite clearly.  I'm not sure exactly how far away that is, but a fair distance.

Take care in this awful weather.

Until next time. x


  1. Good for small, hope he enjoys his Lego. Keep cosy this weekend

  2. I find one week can easily blend into the next at this time of year. I'm going to challenge myself to try to get out and do more. You do always seem to be busy though. X


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