Monday, 5 January 2015

Back to the routine

It was back to the Monday morning routine of  being up at sparrow o'clock to get HMS ready and driven to school, and back to the books for Small.  Although the learning process never stops, the fact that he's had some time away from writing was all too plain to see.

Work completed, and because it was a lovely day, we went off for a short and muddy walk.   We've been doing bits, here and there, of a very long series of geocaches that are reasonably local to us.  The whole route is a circular one of around 16km, but as we can't manage that we've done a few here and there.

Our walk today took us from the little hamlet - not sure if it's even a hamlet, as there are only about 7 [big!] houses - of Hessle, across to part of Ackworth.  The latter is an extremely large village, spread out over several miles, and it has several churches.   One of these was our destination as we needed to collect some information from a noticeboard in order to work out the coordinates for the actual final destination.  This exercise includes doing math and reading historical details.

Housemate dropped us off, and we sent him off to the church to read the noticeboard, which he was able to park right next to.  Our first task was to get past the enthusiasts pictured below.  This area is very definitely horsey country, and in fact where our walk started was next to a lovely courtyard stable block.

The one just in front of the gate simply wouldn't move, so we walked round him.  The one to the left of the gate was the curious type and it followed us across the field.  It was only about 100 yards from one kissing gate to the next, but I had to keep Small calm as he wanted to run which wouldn't have been a good idea.

We made it safely to the next gate, and the cache we were looking for was here somewhere.  Unfortunately the nosy chestnut, which was at least 16hh if not more, was very interested in what we were doing and was able to stick its head over the top of the kissing gate.  It was a nice, friendly horse - unlike two others who were having an argument, with one small white pony viciously and repeatedly biting the other chestnut that is in the centre of the photo - but it was a big horse and I suppose when you're only 5, probably looked quite scary.  It tried nibbling my backpack a few times, then turned its attention to Small and tried to nuzzle him.

While I'm used to horses, Small is not.  When Nosy started paying too much attention to him, Small started to panic.  Fearing a full blown meltdown which might have upset the horses, we moved on into the next field after managing to get a horse that was on the other side of the kissing gate to back up so we could get through.  Fortunately the horses in this field seemed more interested in talking to Nosy than paying any attention to us and we made our way down to the next set of gates.

Nice fencing and our target, the church, in the distance
Someone obviously has a lot of money here, as there was plenty of nice new post-and-rail fencing and heavy looking new wooden gates.  As the horses hadn't followed us, Small soon calmed down and he quickly found the next cache, and the next one too.

While we were walking down, there appeared to be some electric fencing running along the edge of the field.  I certainly wasn't going to find out whether it was or wasn't, but an interesting discussion ensued about what it was and why it was used, so the education continued even while we were enjoying a walk!   We soon got to the church and met up with Housemate who, in our absence, had worked out where the next cache was hidden.  Three out of four found today.

We had a few boring errands to run later on, but all in all a good day.

Until next time. x

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  1. Ooooo I love it up there, so pretty, did you see Hessle Hall, the very old house . I have wanted to live in it forever. My Grandparents lived in Purston Jaglin when I was young and my Dad was from Ackworth, so we used to walk there a lot. I have a lot of happy memories of walking round the lanes in the Summer and blackberry picking in September, I still take Twiglet sometimes. Just lovely


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