Friday, 9 January 2015

Another week

Well that's another week gone by and it's Friday again.  The trouble with getting back into the homeschool routine after the Christmas break is that the days tend to be pretty same-old same-old with Small's learning.

Wednesday we visited Small's Nanna, and yesterday we met up with some home-ed friends at Angler's Country Park.  Although it was quite cold, I think we all enjoyed the chat and the play after not seeing one another for a few weeks.

Today being Friday, it was off to Doncaster to collect HMS from school.  We'd picked up a 'travel bug' earlier in the week.  No, it's not some nasty disease or Delhi-belly.  It's a geocaching tourist, an item with a tracking code that gets placed in a cache for others to transport to another cache, and is not something one is meant to keep.  Cachers log the code and the traveller accrues mileage as it goes from place to place.  This particular one has come from Scotland.

Sometimes a 'travel bug' will have a particular goal it wants to achieve, and the one we picked up the other day has a mission to visit football stadiums.  As we were in Doncaster anyway, we drove over to Doncaster Rovers ground and took a photo of it in front of the stadium.  At some point next week, we'll find a suitable place to leave it for someone else to pick up and take elsewhere.

HMS holding the 'bug', and Small, at Doncaster Rovers Stadium
It was good fun and the kids had a laugh, and in a small way we've helped a fellow cacher's 'bug' achieve its aim.  I'm guessing it belongs to a child, so hopefully he will be pleased to see the photo we've posted on the geocaching website.

It's blowing a howling gale outside now, with lighter objects taking off left, right and centre, although nowhere near as bad as northern Scotland which has apparently had hurricane force winds.  So wherever you are, stay safe and well.

Until next time. x

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  1. It's difficult getting back into the swing of things isn't it? Your geocaching sounds fun, the wind up here is mad tonight, we're not far from Emley Moor mast, it's blowing a gale. Keep safe.
    Twiggy x


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