Saturday, 20 December 2014

The man in the red coat

We've had a fun day out today, at Nostell Priory again.  This time round we had a couple of missions to complete.  The first one was to take Small to see Santa.  In previous years we've taken him elsewhere and he's been terrified to go anywhere near the bloke in the false beard, preferring to run away and leave mummy to retrieve his present!

This time around he was excited.  He made a paper lantern, wrote a letter to Santa and waited patiently for his turn to go in.  He sat nicely, answered Santa's questions and actually posed for some photos with him.  He was also thrilled with his present, which he'd chosen beforehand from a list of options.  He chose a kite.

I don't know whether the difference this year was because Small is that little bit older, or whether it was because this Santa had a real beard, but he was very happy and relaxed about the whole deal.

We took the kite back to the car, and set off for mission 2.  More 'treasure hunting'.  There are quite a lot of geocaches hidden around the Nostell Priory parkland, and it's quite a hike to get round them.  Fortunately housemate was able to borrow one of the scooters so we managed to get to three of them.  I think the National Trust might have had something to say if we'd tried getting to any of the others and they'd seen one of their mobility scooters disappearing over the horizon!

There's one in here somewhere!
Found by Small
Looking across towards the mansion
There was nothing in the pot under the tree that Small wanted to swap for, but he's obviously taken on board what I explained to him yesterday and understands that it's OK to trade one thing for another as when we got to our third, and final, find of the day he asked if we could trade something.  Unfortunately the container was a very small one, so there was no room for anything other than the paper log.  But at least he's grasped the idea!

Until next time. x

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