Sunday, 14 December 2014

Starting to look a lot like Christmas

We nipped down to Nostell Priory this morning, our local National Trust property, to see the Christmas decorations as this was the last weekend they were going to be on display.  We got there just after opening time at 11am, but the car park was already jam packed and cars were being parked on verges outside the gates.

We drove in in some trepidation, but were fortunate enough to get a space up near the house - there are small advantages to housemate having a blue badge sometimes!  It turned out that as well as having the house open for Chrimbo decorations and hordes of children arriving to see Santa, there was also a run on involving 5 different running clubs which had led to some 500 cars descending on the place since 9am.

The house looked really pretty with a tree in all the rooms, and there was a 'treasure hunt' for the children which involved the poem "The Owl and the Pussy Cat" and a hunt for various items from the poem, such as an owl, a pig with a ring in its nose, a pea green boat, and so on.  Both Small and HMS enjoyed the hunt, which bodes well for giving geocaching a go once the weather gets a bit better as they both said they really loved hunting for stuff.

Unfortunately, the photos didn't turn out very well so I've posted those that did.

The dining room all laid out for Christmas
Stir the pudding and make a wish

Log reindeer
Can you spot Rudolph?
A roomful of gingerbread houses
All made by NT volunteers
Loved the train track going round the houses
The plan for this afternoon was to get the Christmas decorations up here after lunch, but that met with rather a delay as it took me ages to find the right boxes in the attic, and then the internet started playing up.  It looks like someone had tried to reset the router password, so Housemate spent a while on the phone to Sky getting it sorted out.  But better late than never and now the tree is up.

Until next time. x


  1. Looks lovely we've visited to view the Christmas decs a few times. I used to work there a few years before I had Twiglet , it was lots of fun , the volunteers were a great bunch.
    I did reception duties and educational tours, top fun. It was a bit spooky going down to count up the money when most of the lights had been turned off after visiting hours !

  2. It all looks beautiful- so much work by so many dedicated people, I hope they're all proud of themselves. Crimble decs are going up next weekend here. Like you, I have a box in the attic to locate :o)


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