Sunday, 21 December 2014

Some festive fun

It's Winter Solstice - hope you've had a very happy one - and I'm feeling lazy today, so I'm posting a link to an article I found particularly amusing.   I hope it may elicit a few chuckles from you too.  It was housemate who saw a link to it on Facebook and he read it out to me as he knows my thoughts on the bureaucracy of the UK education system.

No offence meant to any readers who are teachers or who work in schools.  It's the system I dislike, not the poor sods whose thankless task it is to implement/try and learn what the idiots tell them they have to do/learn.  If politicians and bureaucrats


What if Ofsted and the DfE got their hands on Christmas?

Until next time. x

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  1. I loved number 5, it would depend on the Mum and the size of the glass. There was a time when in my case the glass was large, the Mum ( mine) was very annoyed with the Dad and tipped the gravy on him. We had a hilarious dinner and Mum had a nice lie down. Dad was relegated to the washing up.


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