Monday, 29 December 2014

Rabbit Ings

We didn't manage to get out on Saturday.  The snow that had fallen had turned to ice overnight, so it wasn't even suitable for making a snowman - much to the disgust of HMS and Small.  Being so slippery underfoot it wasn't really a good idea to go out geocaching either, so we hibernated and played "Mousetrap" instead, which the kids had got for Christmas.  Yesterday was taken up with a trip to a family gathering, so there wasn't time for anything else.

Today the weather dawned bright, clear and cold.  Very cold.  We waited until just after lunch then set off for a local-ish country park, Rabbit Ings.  This is the site of a former colliery which has been landscaped and turned into a country park.  The blot on the horizon nearby is the Monckton coking plant, although I have heard rumours that this may be closing soon.  Certainly there was no smoke coming out of the chimneys today, so the area didn't smell too bad for once.  Normally it stinks when you pass the place!

We parked up and set off along some very icy paths to find a couple of geocaches, which we didn't have any trouble finding.  I've not been on this side of the park before, and it was very peaceful and pleasant despite the cold.

Look carefully between the trees - a heron standing still as a statue

Is it in here, Mum?

We saw a couple of cyclists, one of whom was in SHORTS, braving the icy slopes, and a few people walking their dogs, but other than that the place was pretty empty.  Apparently one can still find the odd fossil or two in exposed areas of red shale around the park, and I do remember reading a newspaper article published just before the landscaping began which invited people to one last fossil-hunting day before the reclamation work started.

I can see us coming back with the bikes at some point though as I'm sure HMS would enjoy a ride around here.  I know I would!

Until next time. x

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