Friday, 19 December 2014

Gales and no bran

It's been horrendously windy here today, with people's wheelie bins and all sorts taking off.  We had a trip to Pontefract this morning as Housemate had an appointment with the optician and Small and I had a bit of shopping to do.

It proved extremely difficult to find any wheat bran anywhere, and after trying Morros (which usually has it), Asda and Tesco I came up empty handed.  I ended up having to go back into town to Holland and Barratt who, it turned out, had a buy one get one half price offer on so I got two big bags for a princely £1.87 which should last us for a while.

After the boring shopping, it was playtime and we went off in search of a few more geocaches that were sort of on the way home.  It's great fun using multi-million pound former military technology to find bits of Tupperware hidden here, there and everywhere.  Even though it was only our second day of caching, Small's really got into the idea and loves going 'treasure hunting'.  He wasn't quite so keen on the walk back from one of them though, as he doesn't like the wind at the best of times and walking into a gale isn't much fun.  As a result of the weather, I didn't take the camera with me today, but we'll probably take HMS out at some point so he too can log the ones we've already found so I'll get some pics then.

I'd bought a couple of little 50p things while we were out shopping today and I showed them to Small when we got home, saying we could use them to swap for anything we found in a cache that he wanted to take out.  He shook his head vehemently, saying he didn't want to take anything because the things didn't belong to him.

He's got good morals, that kid.  He knows full well that you don't take things that don't belong to you, but once I'd explained the 'swap' concept, he looked much happier about the whole idea of exchanging something of ours for something in the box as an OK thing to do.  A proud mummy moment.

Hoping you're all safe and warm.

Until next time. x


  1. A proud mummy moment indeed.
    Fairness and a sense of "right" is an endearing AS trait.

  2. Aww, Twiglet would probably echo that sentiment. We have just come back from Pontefract ourselves. We went to the cinema at Xscape this morning to see Nativity 3 and then had lunch out and a bit of trampolining _ not me!!! On the way home Twiglet said lets go to Pontefract, we haven't been for ages, so we did :)


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