Thursday, 18 December 2014

Found it

Big beaming grins all round today.  We, or to be more accurate Small, found our first geocache today.  He spotted it, and we've logged our first ever find.

Found it!
If you're wondering what on earth I'm on about, geocaching is something that's a really fun way to get exercise, is entertaining, and better still, can be totally free, which is something us frugals like immensely!

It's like a treasure hunt for grown-ups, but is also fun for kids too.  The object of the exercise is to use a GPS enabled device, and often an additional clue, to locate a hidden object.  When you find it, you sign the log and when you get home, you record your find on the website too.  Some of the objects, like the one Small is holding, are large enough to contain a few 'swapables', but as geocaching etiquette dictates that if you take something you leave something in exchange, we didn't today as we didn't have anything with us.  It was purely a quick walk and hunt around on our way to a friend's house.  Many of the hidden objects are considerably smaller than this one.

It was fun hunting around for it though.  Dozy me walked straight past it, but Small, perhaps because he was nearer ground level than me, spotted it no problems.  Oh to be young and have good eyesight.  I can see we shall be doing a lot more of these hunts in the future.

If you're interested and want to learn more, visit   You can sign up totally free, and there are hundreds of thousands of caches hidden all around the world.  There is an option to purchase a premium membership which apparently gives you access to lots more caches, but you certainly don't need one.  There are plenty of free ones to go at.

Until next time. x


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