Saturday, 13 December 2014

Camera shy

Despite a brief warm up around midnight, we awoke to a very hard frost.  In fact because the sun doesn't get around the back of the house at this time of year, it stayed frosty pretty much all day.

As a result the birds were hungry and were frequent, if flirty, visitors to the top of the log store where I'd put some bread.  The little robin didn't seem at all bothered by the humans, happily pecking around even when we were outside.  Any time I got anywhere near the window with the camera though - despite standing like a statue in the vain hope he'd stay long enough for a photo - he disappeared.

I did manage to get a shot of the blackbird, but he too soon became camera shy and this was all I got!

Housemate also spotted a dastardly rat scuttle through the back yard.  I hadn't seen one for ages, but it looks like they're back again.  I know they reckon you're never more than a meter from one, but I still don't like seeing them.

Hope you've kept warm today.

Until next time. x


  1. We made some fat balls the other day and put them out, but so far the birds have stayed away. I'm sure they'll figure out what it is soon.
    I thought it was 10m from a rat, otherwise they'd be in your house!

  2. You're probably right Kev, in fact I hope you are. I'd be a lot more comfortable with 10m. I suppose I just thought 1m meant below the house as in the sewers. Although the kids probably count as little rats in the house occasionally!


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