Friday, 12 December 2014

Busy day

With the totally soggy, windy weather yesterday, I decided to hibernate.  Small's friend came round after school and we ended up playing Junior Monopoly.  Friend and I were soon bankrupt, which left Small and friend's mum.  She ended up winning.

Later that evening a delivery of logs turned up right on time, so those needed to be stacked in the log store round the back, and by the time that was finished, I just wanted to get dry and go to bed!

A busy day today. Up at silly o'clock for a group trip to the doctors.  Nothing serious, just check ups all round, but we've been trying to get an appointment with the doctor we all like for ages - seems he's pretty hard to get to see since he's been made a partner - and we finally all managed to get in together.  It saves on petrol and time!  Small can never remember his name, so calls him Dr Who, which always makes him laugh.

After the doctors, Small asked if we could go to Angler's Country Park.  We hadn't managed to get there yesterday for the usual home ed meet up.  Firstly the weather was lousy, and secondly it didn't seem anyone was going anyway what with the run-up to Christmas and all that, so we gave it a miss.  It was still quite early and the sun was out, so off we went.  A bacon butty and a cuppa at Squires Tea Room for housemate and me, while Small ran around getting rather muddy and soggy.  He had fun, which is all that matters.  If I'd had my wits about me, we should have had a go at geocaching as there are several caches around Anglers, but I seemed to have left them at home, so we didn't.  I'll try and remember next time.

We were back home before lunch, and Small got stuck in to the books, getting all his work done in good time.  After lunch it was cleaning time for me and now we're cosy in front of the fire watching the Tom & Jerry version of 'The Nutcracker'.  One of the neighbours, who is a bus driver, has just told me the works weather forecast is for snow for the weekend.  We shall see!

Wherever you are in the world, keep warm and keep well.

Until next time. x

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