Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Barnburgh Cliff

Thanks to geocaching, Small and I had a lovely walk yesterday in a place we wouldn't otherwise have gone to.  I've driven past the entrance to the path lots of times, but never knew what a geologically interesting area it was.  We went along a bridlepath that runs parallel to a place called Barnburgh Cliff.  I was a bit dubious when I read the location, because the word 'cliff' conjures up images of towering precipices, but as it turned out it was a relatively flat path and although still snowy, at least the frozen ground meant it wasn't knee deep in mud.

We got lucky and found the first cache quite quickly, but after that our luck ran out and despite spending a good 15 minutes furtling around in the ivy at the next two locations, we didn't find them.  We did see a big face carved into the rock, though no one seems to know who carved it or when it was done.

We carried on to look for number four, and this time we managed to find it.  We did have an audience looking on.  Apparently there has been a lot of conservation work carried out in the area, and these guys have been introduced to keep the ground cover down.

Wot u up to then?

The path emerged from the woods onto some fields and in the near distance, the windmills were slowly turning but surprisingly they seemed to be quiet.  Either that or I'm going deaf!

We only did half the walk, as the series of geocaches continues round in a circular walk to go back to where we started from.  Small was tired though, so we hurried past the location of cache number 5 - there was a group of lads and their dogs rabbiting nearby - and went on our way to meet up with Housemate at the end of our half as he'd taken the car round to pick us up there.

I really like that this new hobby has got us exploring places we wouldn't normally go to.  It also gives us plenty of opportunity for educational discussion.  We talked about the windmills and electricity generation; the sheep and how they are used to manage the undergrowth; the geology of the area and what we could see from various points on the walk.

So now it's New Year's Eve and I can't believe how quickly 2014 has disappeared.  As we look forward to welcoming in 2015, we wish you all a very happy and frugally prosperous new year.

Until next time. x


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