Saturday, 6 December 2014

An icy bike ride

We woke up to an absolutely glorious morning with sunshine and clear blue skies, but a heavy white frost on top of the sheds.  Too good to waste, especially when the headlines in some newspapers are screaming about arctic blizzards this coming week.  From what I can see, the actual Met Office warnings are for the north and west of Scotland, but newspapers do like to sensationalise and you never know, it might make it to Yorkshire!

Off we went to Angler's Country Park with the kids bikes.   I walked round and housemate was able to come too as one of the mobility scooters was free.   HMS and Small scooted off on their bikes, although Small kept getting his stabilisers stuck on the grass verges and ending up with an exercise bike instead of one that went anywhere.  I kept having to give him a helpful shove.

Muuuuuum, I'm stuck again!
It's clouded over now and feeling decidedly cold so we're spending the afternoon in front of the wood burner with a family movie.  I think the vote is for 'How to train your Dragons 2'. Again.

Hope you've had a great day.  Until next time. x


  1. Even if it's freezing cold everywhere feels so much better if the sun is shining from a blue sky.
    I hadn't heard about the arctic weather coming - I won't hold my breath!

    1. Sunshine I just the best. It lifts everyone's mood and makes us smile. 😀


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