Thursday, 20 November 2014

Who is looking at you?

The bru-ha-ha splashed all over the news today about hackers spying on people from afar got me thinking about the down side of the technology we have available to us today.

Of course some of it is wonderfully useful; without computers I couldn't access much of the wonderful educational material I use for Small, I wouldn't have typed up this post and you wouldn't be reading it, and I wouldn't have had access to a mobile phone to holler for Housemate to come and rescue us yesterday.  Some of today's technology is however, potentially dangerous and certainly isolates people.  As a commenter (Cumbrian) on FrugalinSuffolk's blog said, "... nobody seems capable of doing anything any more without using electronic devices, nobody wants to learn anything any more, the mighty computer knows all."

I know today's world isn't as safe as it once was, but (here I go sounding old!) when I was a kid, we didn't have electronic games.  We played out doors, often from early till dusk, we used our imaginations and invented games, and a tablet was something you took when you were poorly.  The majority of today's kids seem only to want to play on electronic games, have the latest electronic gadgets and be totally anti-social while on "social media".  I can't stand people who invite you for a social get-together, then spend the whole time being anti-social all the while glued to their flippin' phone either texting, Facebooking, Tweeting or whatever.

Housemate's son is a case in point when it comes to electronic games.  Whenever he arrives here, the first (and pretty much only) thing he wants to do is go on his tablet/PSP/computer or whatever happens to be flavour of the moment.  He made me both hoot with laughter, and at the same time cringe, the other day when he claimed looking something up in a dictionary was far too hard because the words are "all jumbled up", and "the computer will tell me if I've got it wrong."

Small, on the other hand, while he loves going on his educational sites like Starfall and playing the odd game on the PSP, will happily go and grab his dictionary and we'll look words up together.  He understands that the words are in alphabetical order and he's getting quite good at finding the one he wants to look up.

I'd probably be considered an old-fashioned dinosaur these days, but I'm happy not to have a mobile phone of my own (I borrow one of Housemate's when I need to carry one).  I put tape over the web cam on the computer - yes, THEY can hack into them without the little light coming on.  I would not download a multitude of apps that tell the world and his uncle where I am, what I'm doing, who I'm with, etc.

Over to you.  Do you steer clear of as much electronic wizardry as you can, or are you a techno-junkie?

Until next time.

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