Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Wetherby finds

As we needed to pass through Wetherby to get back onto the motorway, we decided to stop for a coffee.  This in turn led to visiting a couple of the charity shops while we were there.  We've actually done quite well from Wetherby's charity shops in the past; the last visit about 5 years ago found us a printer for £8 which did amazingly well given the hammering printers get here printing out educational material.

This time proved to be a goldmine for educational books as I found a set of 20 (possibly the whole set, I'm not sure) of the discontinued Usborne pocket science books at 20p each, so a very reasonable £4 for the lot.

At another charity shop, I dropped on some other science and history books, and an Usborne reading book "The Boy who cried Wolf".  I'd been looking for the latter as there is a good moral to the story.

And of course no visit to Wetherby by a Dr Who fan would be complete without the obligatory photograph.  Small is obsessed with the programme as it's one of Housemate's son's favourites, and whatever one likes the other joins in with.

One of the few remaining

Small, pretending to unlock the "Tardis"

I had to explain to Small that unlike the one he sees on the TV, he couldn't actually go inside this one as it was just for fun.  If he was disappointed, he didn't show it and pretended to be The Doctor unlocking the Tardis.  I think he enjoyed himself.

Today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday as far as school stuff went, except instead of a visit to anywhere in particular, Small wanted to go bike riding along the old train track again so we did.  It was beautiful when we set off, but by the time we got home it had turned damp and very cold so we stayed in the rest of the afternoon and he had a good time playing with one of his friends who came round to play after school.

Until next time. x


  1. What an awesome find those books are. My aspie son is 17 and he left school in Year 9. He has actually self taught himself via documentaries, National Geographic, You Tube and i am amazed how much he knows. He still has English Tutoring once a week and enjoys it. If i was a stay at home Mum i think i would have enjoyed teaching him.

  2. Great books, you can never have enough books, my son is 17 and obsessed with Doctor Who last year we went to the anniversary in London, he had his picture taken with Matt Smith and Gemma Coleman and met some of the old doctors.


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