Sunday, 2 November 2014

There be owls

Not real owls, although we do hear quite a few of them hunting at night.  No, today we've been doing an owl craftivity and writing up some things we learned about owls.  I found this cute little fella via a home-schooling TPT seller.  Here's a link to this great item if you want to purchase your own copy, which is only a dollar.

Owl craftivity and writing
After lunch, we took the bikes out, again going to the Chevet Branch Line cycle path.  This time, Small came with us and he did amazingly well.  It was lovely for him to actually "go" somewhere rather than practicing in the car park while Housemate's son and I ride around the country park.  He thoroughly enjoyed himself, although Housemate's son found it a bit slow going waiting for Small and his stabilisers to catch up!  My behind could definitely have done with a cushion after yesterday's ride.

We dropped Small back at the car with Housemate, then went off along the portion of the trackbed that Small and I walked earlier in the year.  This was more enjoyable as we were able to get up a bit of speed.  I think we probably did about 4.5 miles today.

While it's not all that cold tonight (although the temperature has dropped compared to the past few weeks) the wood burner is lit this evening with the kettle on top for cups of tea.  Being toasty warm, it's also fast become the cat's favourite spot in the house, so I guess he won't be sitting on my lap again for a while.

Until next time. x

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