Saturday, 29 November 2014

Powis Castle

Our next foray was over the border from Shropshire into Wales and a visit to Powis Castle, which is part of the National Trust.  I can honestly say that becoming members of the NT has been very well worthwhile and while there was obviously an initial outlay for membership, by having it we've been able to visit so many places we wouldn't otherwise have been able to afford.  It's paid for itself several times over.

It was an extremely frosty and foggy morning when we set off, and although the fog cleared as we headed away from the hills, it was still hanging around here and there.

We got our first sight of the castle, and then we saw these lovely guys.  One a youngster, and the other a buck of around 5 years - if there's any truth to the number of prongs on the antlers being indicative of age.

Although the castle is open almost every day, we were only able to access the house by a guided tour where once again we felt like sheep being rushed around without actually being able to stop and see anything properly.  Overall, the NT seems to have softened its strict no photography inside properties policy that was certainly in place up until a few years ago, but at this property photography was firmly prohibited due to much of the contents being privately owned, so we were unable to take any pictures inside.

They were just gearing up for Christmas

There were quite a few peacocks and peahens wandering around.  This one was acting as sentinel at the top of the castle steps.  As we couldn't see as much of the castle as we would have liked, Small and I went for a walk around the beautiful gardens.  Even in autumn, there was plenty to see and there are a great many rare, old and beautiful trees in the gardens.

The view from the castle terrace over part of the gardens
A small lake in the gardens which provided ice for the ice house
Small, standing in the entrance to the old ice house
Small, next to a Californian redwood (Sequoia sempervirens)

Looking up at the castle from the gardens
An enjoyable day out, although Powis Castle is a property I'd like to go back to as there was lots to see that we weren't able to.  I don't normally do lunch at places like this either as it tends to be expensive, but on this occasion I did indulge in a warming bowl of homemade parsnip and apple soup to take away the chill of a frosty and damp day.

The young man serving in the cafe was kind enough to let me taste a bit first as I don't actually like parsnips and was a bit dubious.  It turned out to be absolutely delicious, so much so that I asked for, and got, the recipe.  I shall be having a go at making some of my own, so watch this space to see how it turns out!

Until next time. x

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  1. I haven't been to Powis castle for years, it really is a lovely place isn't it?


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