Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Let me help

Nothing terribly interesting has happened since my last post with days seeming to be pretty much the same from one week to the next, and plus the weather has been rather lousy so not conducive to walking.  Today the weather was better and so the day was almost a direct repeat of a week ago with swimming followed by another walk along the Trans-Pennine Trail from Royston to Notton.  This time though, I took a carrier bag with me and Small and I collected a bagful of sticks for kindling.

One thing I have been doing since my last post, an activity I totally blame thank a recent commenter for and one which has totally distracted me, is travelling around the world on a wonderful virtual voyage of discovery about walking/cycling trails and old railways.  My lovely reader is over in Australia and while Oz obviously doesn't have anything like the wonderful network of public footpaths that we have here in the UK, I do remember going hiking in some fantastic state parks, hiking around Mt Buller and especially Mt Buffalo - a wonderful place to escape the heat of the lowlands, and staring enviously at the rail trail between Everton and Beechworth wishing I had a bike so I could cycle along it.  I also remember standing beside the disused railway at Dookie (a small town in rural Victoria), and day-dreaming about turning it into a cycle path.

I was delighted to discover on my virtual travels that at least part of that disused track at Dookie HAS been turned into a cycle path, or rail trail as they're called in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA, with plans to extend it all the way back to Shepparton.  I also discovered a number of other rail trails, mostly in Victoria, but apparently NSW is keen to jump on the band wagon to net some of those tourist dollars.  It seems that cycling along old railways has become very popular and the savvy are keen to cash in on this trend.

I've now moved on from the Southern hemisphere and am looking up Vias Verdes, Ecopistas, Voies Vertes and Bahntrassenradeln, which are some of the names rail trails are known by in Europe.  I would dearly love to be able to go and ride some of them for real, but short of a lottery win, I don't suppose it'll ever happen.

I'll leave you with a photo showing what happened this morning when Small volunteered to stack the logs I'd chopped up for the fire.  I did laugh.

Look Mum, I've stacked the logs for you!
Until next time. x

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