Thursday, 6 November 2014

A new hat

It was an uneventful day today.  The morning was interrupted by a trip to the dentist for Small.  I've never seen anyone so keen to rush into the surgery and dive into the chair, but he was that someone.  The actual appointment was over in a matter of minutes, everything was fine and come back in six months time, but it certainly put a dent in the morning.

Next up was taking a car-load of stuff to a local charity shop, followed by a quick scoot into Lidl for some organic eggs.   It's one of the few times I prefer Lidl to Aldi, and although they're relatively expensive (£1.76 for a half dozen), they are sooooo much nicer than even the free range ones.

It was a cold, damp and miserable afternoon and the usual home-ed meet up didn't seem to be taking place.  We spent the rest of the day cosy at home, and then Small asked if I'd knit him a new hat as his old, too small, one had gone with the charity shop things.

A few hours of knitting later, and here it is.  Hopefully he'll get a bit more use out of this one.  I think he only wore the old one a few times before he out grew it!

Until next time. x


  1. A couple of hours? Jeeps, you must be as fast knitting as i am reading. Lovely colour.


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