Friday, 24 October 2014

Nine years of waiting

When I bought my house, it had a somewhat grotty but functional gas fire  in the living room which sat in front of the back boiler which ran (and I use the term 'ran' loosely here) the radiators.  About nine years ago, the gas fire was condemned because part of it had cracked, so I had it disconnected and a combi boiler put in upstairs to run the radiators and give instant hot water.

And there the grotty and dysfunctional gas fire has remained ever since.  Nothing more than an ornament to hide the even more grotty remains of the back boiler.  Until now!

After nine or so years of putting up with it sitting there, and saving up pennies to have a wood burner put in, my goal has been achieved.

Gone is the grotty fire and grottier back boiler, and a lot of dust and soot later ...

I have one of these :)  Cosy winter ahead!

Until next time. x


  1. After saving nine years I bet you really appreciate it, good on you it is a good feeling when we achieve something we gave been saving hard for. Looks so good in that room and I hope you enjoy it for years to come.

  2. A wood burner is always worth the wait


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