Wednesday, 11 June 2014

No rest for mum

As a home educator, I sometimes feel a bit like the mother of these little guys.  She never stopped, hopping between the bird table and feeders to grab mouthfuls of food, and the babies down whose throats the offerings were enthusiastically stuffed.

Feed me.  No! Feed ME.
I feel a bit like Mrs Sparrow sometimes, as I'm often to be found prepping work for Small's tomorrow quite late in my today.  We do follow a semi-structured approach at the moment, and as we've been discussing animals that live in ponds lately, it seemed an opportune time to make a start on a unit I purchased from a TPT seller a while back.

A small part of the unit which I've stuck on the wall
Tomorrow's word of the day
The unit is all about frogs, their life cycle, has a song, an emergent reader, and also covers plenty of math and literacy skills.  There's also a craftivity - a word which my auto spell-checker doesn't like, but one which has become popular to describe a cool craft activity that teachers manage to sneak into evermore math and literacy heavy curricula.

It's so sad that schools here and over in North America are having less and less time for art, craft, history/geography or even science.  I also read on the BBC news site today that schools in Bulgaria have been out since the end of May and don't go back until mid-September.  I know both my home-edded son and certainly housemate's schooled son seem to suffer from educational amnesia if they have too long a break!

All in all, it's been a good day with Small staying much more focused than he was yesterday.  Hoping your evening has been less hectic than mine.

Until next time. x

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