Monday, 23 June 2014

Munching flies is fun

Quite often when I'm browsing around teacher created products, mainly those from the USA, I see items that involve food of some sort.  I can't honestly say it's a method I'd consider using too often though, as the majority of the foods are of the sugary snack, sweets, candy, biscuits, cookie type.  I do like the idea of using Oreo biscuits to show 'phases of the moon', but apart from that our use of food when we're learning is strictly limited.

Today was an exception.  Part of our "Frog Frenzy" unit had a section called 'munching flies' to help kids learn subtraction.  We had a flower and frog counting mat, and two dice - one with flower numbers, the other with frog numbers.

First, Small rolled the flower die, which has the larger numbers.  He counted out the right number of mini-marshmallows onto the flower.  We were probably supposed to use raisins or something black to represent the flies, but all I had to hand was the marshmallows!

Next, he rolled the frog die, which has smaller numbers.  He moved the right number of marshmallows over onto the frog, who "eats" that many marshmallows.  Needless to say Small loved pretending to be the frog who got to eat the taken away marshmallows!

Last, he recorded the numbers onto his sheet, and worked out how many marshmallows were left on the flower.

This was probably a bit too easy for him, but if the amount of giggling going on is anything to go by, he had great fun while he was learning, and wants to do it again tomorrow.  I think I may try to persuade him to use raisins for his "flies" next time!

Until next time. x

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