Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Impromptu chess

We had planned to go for a walk today once our morning 'academics' were over and done with, but it started to rain.  We did play "munching flies" again, and I had no luck at all in persuading Small that raisins made better flies than marshmallows.

As I had some shopping to do, we headed to Pontefract instead this afternoon for the twice-weekly visit to Aldi.  When we came out, it had stopped raining so we headed up the hill to Pontefract Castle, or what's left of it anyway.  It's free!

There are two parking spaces for the disabled right outside the main gate, which avoids having to try and walk or push a wheelchair up the hill.  A small building by the gate sells hot and cold drinks and has info sheets.

Just up from the main  entrance, there's a herb garden with an information board explaining what the various herbs were used for.

Click on the picture for a large version that should be readable!
Small wasn't too keen on lingering to read all about herbs as the lavender was in flower and was full of bees.

He spotted a large chess set that had been set out on the grass, and took off to investigate.  Needless to say, we had to have a game.  I'm hopeless at chess, so housemate had a game with Small and explained some of the rules to him.  He didn't win, but he did do well and managed to take quite a few of housemate's pieces.

As I said, there's not too much left of Pontefract castle but it seems a fair amount of work has been done to preserve what is left, and quite a few information boards have been added since I was last there.

The big grassy area in the centre is often used for events and reinactments, and I noticed there's a performance of Macbeth coming up soon.

Small wasn't too interested in any of the history of the castle.  He enjoyed exploring, but when, at one point, I told him he was standing in what was originally a 5th century chapel, he said that was "boring" and ran off to the chess board again.  Oh well!  He's only 5, so hopefully he'll be a bit more interested when he's a bit older.   I enjoyed it :)

Until next time. x

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