Saturday, 21 June 2014


I've been rather out of action for most of this week, as on Tuesday my back decided to go KERUNCH for no particular reason, and I've been moving very gingerly ever since.

We managed to get to a home-ed meet up at a local park on Thursday afternoon, and as there weren't too many others there this week, Small wasn't overwhelmed and found another little boy to play with.

He had an appointment with the nurse on Friday - he's been looking very pale since a recent viral infection - and the doctor had suggested a blood test to check his iron levels.  I remember having to take iron tablets as a child, but I certainly don't remember having to have a blood test.  If memory serves me well, my doctor took one look at me, told my mother I needed iron tablets, and that was that.

I quite expected a major meltdown, as Small had been adamant all week that he didn't want to have a blood test.  He's seen his dad have them often enough to know what they're all about, so I can't say I blame him.  He definitely surprised me and was a very brave little boy - although he didn't think so, because he cried all the way through it - but it got done and the nurse was very impressed with him.

He wanted me to show off his war wound, so here it is!

In Tuesday's post, I published a photo of a flower I couldn't identify.  A comment was left (thank you!) suggesting it might be white campion.

my unidentified plant
The suggestion gave me a starting point so I googled white campion, and it does look very similar.  While browsing the images, a photo of another plant was suggested which was "bladder campion", otherwise known as Silene vulgaris.  I compared my picture with this one, and I think the two match.

Apparently the leaves are used as food in some European countries, but in North America the plant is considered a weed.   I'm not so sure I'd like to eat it though as it contains saponins (soapy substance) and the roots are known to have been used to obtain soap for washing clothes.  I suppose it would be a very frugal,  green, chemical free way to wash one's clothes if ever the need arose!

Until next time. x

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