Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Garden progress

It's been a while since I posted anything here.  Not that there hasn't been plenty going on, I just seem to either forget to take a camera with me, or else I don't think anyone really wants to read about my boring daily life and our homeschool routine!

Another birthday has come and gone ...  Twenty-one again ;)

 And plenty has been done in the garden.

Most of these contain soft fruit, in the form of blackcurrants, red currants and strawberry plants which I propagated from last year's runners.  Strangely enough, the currant bushes in these pots are far ahead of those down on the allotment, despite being planted at the same time.

I planted a great many sweet pepper, chili pepper and tomato seeds this year.  Some have survived, while others have become dinner to the dastardly slugs and snails that seem to be everywhere.  These have been potted on into slightly bigger pots.

I kept a few tomato plants inside, and yesterday these were potted up into their final pots and put out in the mini greenhouse.  They're doing pretty well and are hopefully large enough that the slug/snail brigade will leave them alone.

A few more tomatoes and chili plants, and at the back I've potted on my leek seedlings.  I knew I'd kept those large yogurt pots for something, although I have to give credit to Mark of marksvegplot.blogspot.co.uk for the idea when I saw a pin of his leeks over on Pintrest.

The allotment is coming along slowly, as is the front garden.  More on those another time.

Until next time. x